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Arshad Humayun is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist & a Certified Diabetes Educator with certificates of training in Adult and Adolescent Weight Management. At AH Nutrition & Dietetics Services incorporation, Arshad offers individualized nutritional counseling sessions with easy to understand, and simple to  follow nutrition guidelines, meal plans and menus to achieve & maintain:


  • Healthy weight

  • Optimum diabetes control and prevent diabetes complications

  • Optimum Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels for heart health

  • Optimum blood pressure control for preventing cardiovascular conditions

  • Optimum nutrition for healthy aging.

  • Healthy eating for life



Healthy eating  focuses on limiting intake of saturated/animal fat, salt, sugar, and junk food; eating more whole/minimally processed foods; consuming more vegetables and dietary fiber, and consuming smaller portions of starch/grains [bread, rice, cereals, pasta, potatoes, pita, roti, nan, etc.]

Healthy eating does not means that you cannot eat processed or junk foods. You can still enjoy your favorite processed food  but as a treat occasionally


Monitoring intake of refined starch/grains and junk food, monitoring  weight, and monitoring physical activity is key to your success. 


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