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Initial Consultation (plus 2 follow-up visits)   $150.00

Additional follow-up Visits                                $ 75.00


  • $750 (includes one 60 to 90-minutes initial assessment  and Fourteen 30-minutes follow-up sessions).


  • $450 (includes one 60 to 90-minutes initial assessment  and Eight 30-minutes follow-up sessions).


Intensive lifestyle modification along with self monitoring is key to your success. Follow-up appointments are extremely important for achieving desirable results.

Your satisfaction is my pleasure. Please note that if you are not satisfied with your appointment, I  will be happy to refund your fee.

What is included?

  • 60-90 minutes comprehensive initial nutritional assessment with focus on dietary intake, physical activity, medical conditions, medications, blood results,  etc.

  • 30 minute follow-up nutrition counseling sessions.

  • Nutrition Goal setting and Meal planing based on individual nutritional needs, food preferences, culture/ethnic background, and medical/disease condition.

  • Food guides, meal plans, weekly menus, disease/condition specific handouts and other supporting material for future reference and guidance.

Please note that accounting needs to be completed on the first visit and full payment is requested by cash, cheque, etransfer only.  At present, VISA and DEBIT are not available.


Please note that dietary counselling by a Registered Dietitian is not covered under OHIP. 


If you have a private insurance, it may be covered under your extended benefits plan. Please check your Extended health benefits plan in your insurance plan. Many insurance companies cover for Registered Dietitian services. We will provide a receipt upon your each visit or upon completion of the entire package. You can submit receipt to your Insurance company for the reimbursement of your expenses. 

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